Why Rug Restoration & Repair Are Beneficial

Often, all a rug needs to look good again is a thorough cleaning. But then there are times when rug restoration and repair services are required, and when these instances arise it’s best to get in touch with our rug restoration and repair experts.
Not only have we been specializing in rug and carpet cleaning in Hackensack for years, but we also can provide a range of first-rate rug restoration services. Some of the ones we are often called on to perform are rug recoloring, rug reweaving, rug binding, and rug fringing.
If you want to know more about each of these common restoration services, then read through the sections below, where each one is discussed in detail.


Why Rug Recoloring Services Are Often Sought After

A main reason why rugs are purchased is because they’re attractive. But even the best rug can fade with time, and when a rug begins to lose its luster this doesn't mean it's bound for the trash.
No, you can get our rug recoloring experts to bring life back to your rug. You won't have to worry about the dye running or a pattern being destroyed. Our meticulous and detailed rug recoloring technicians will make your rug look like it just came out of the store.

Rug Reweaving Will Add Years On To A Rug’s Life

Rug reweaving is often required by those who own Persian and oriental rugs. Rugs that have been damaged by moths can also benefit significantly from getting reweaving. In general, you can get a rug reweaving service every couple of years, and this is a good practice even if your rug has not shown serious signs of needing a reweaving.
Our experts have the tools and materials necessary to carry out any kind of reweaving job, and we’ll work fast to ensure you get your rugs back as soon as possible.

Why Area Rug Binding Is Important

Does your living room rug have frayed edges? Or is it that your main office rug looks worn out? In either case, you should get in touch with our team, as it's likely a rug binding service is in your future. We can do this using binding tape or a heavy duty sewing machine—it’s really up to you. No matter the method you choose, we’ll make sure our service is affordable and timely. Rug binding will save you from throwing out a rug you love.

When It’s Time To Get Area Rug Fringing

A lot of rugs require fringing eventually, but hand-woven rugs require this more than most others. Hand woven-rugs are also popular nowadays, but sadly these rugs are prone to unraveling. It’s for this reason and several others that owners of hand-woven rugs often call us to get our rug fringing service. We can either fringe by hand or use a machine, and we’ll follow your instructions to a T to ensure your rug is fringed the way you want it.